Street Style


When the weather changes, so does the attitude of everyone around you.

The sun comes out and everyone walks a little slower, everyone basks in the rays of the sun as long as they can.

You notice how people change in appearance, and not just because they’re getting a little vitamin D, but you get some that have that well-crafted, effortless look of ‘I just threw this on’, or you get those who push the boat out a little more and throw some heels on to add a little glamour.

No one can get away with outrageous fashion statements off the runway other than students. (and models?). So walking to uni today I could help getting a little snap happy at how some people make fashion look so easy.


I want these shoes, or some desert shoes in a similar style.

The leather, ‘biker’ look its on its way back in (not that it ever went out), along with nudes.








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