Off the High Street

It’s still pretty cold, especially for the southerners up north, however with a glimpse of summer poking out from behind the clouds, the shops are chucking the coats onto that sale rails and cracking out the summer gear. Bliss.

ith summer comes effortless fashion, minimal style and effort, sun-kissed tans (or in my case burns and peeling skin, yum.) and festivals!

So with two holidays booked (yay!) I can’t steer clear of the shops, and all the tempting summer wear is drawing me in. Luckily so far it’s all been window shopping, but it’s just a matter of time and I’ll be buying some of these delicious pieces:

Topshop shorts



After seeing Jennifer Aniston’s latest film, Just Go With It (which I must admit had me cackling throughout like a banshee), I couldn’t get over the gorgeous crochet style dress she was wearing on holiday. So after ages of scouring the web for this dress I eventually found it…. all the way out there, out of reach and out of my price range, but never out of mind. Bad times.

Just Go With It


This GORGEOUS dress by Anna Kosturova (will kost-u-ova £200) is what I am trying to find a similar style to all over the web.

Not to make it sound like I am obsessed with Topshop, but I found a crochet style dress on their online website that I am willing to settle for, and at a lovely, affordable price:

I have come to accept that at some point between now and my holiday, I will give in and probably max my student loan on summer wear…I can’t help but be tempted by Kurt Geiger‘s latest summer heels either. Slippery, slippery slope…


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