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London Street Style

It’s been a busy day, had to take a quick (it actually took ages, there was nothing quick about it) trip to our country’s capital.

It was the perfect opportunity to grab some street snaps of (some of) the fashionable people of London. However, as my day was so busy I kept forgetting, so only managed to snap a few girls in the bustle of my busy day.

I also got to go to Dolce and Gabbana’s Dress Me Up London event, but only for about half an hour because I had to get my train so alas I didn’t get to see the end result. I did however get to see the biggest names in the blogging industry start dressing up manikins whilst drinking champagne. Ugh, jealous.

Anyway, on with the show:

Love this top!

Sucks that I didn’t have a DSLR for these pictures, you can’t see the fringe detail on the top. Great outfit though, love the shoes.

Huge fan of these colours at the moment.

Lace shoes!! Really like this outfit, and her hair.

This whole outfit works really well.

Love the jacket with fur detail. Also, really jealous of her hair…

Adore these shorts. Seriously in love with them.


So what’s your opinion on these outfits? Do you think London is Englands fashion capital? Or have I got it all completely wrong?


Wish List…


Picture courtesy of

Black Amore bangle from Nude

1. I really want this gorgeous, intricately detailed bangle from Nude. The different colours of the semi-precious stones makes this bangle suitable for almost any outfit. Someone please buy this for me….

Picture courtesy of

Muru London Monaco ring

2. This stainless steel, hammered, turquoise ring from Muru London! I love Muru London and all their cute charms and pendants, so naturally I couldn’t resist their latest Monaco collection.



Picture courtesy of

Piece Of My Heart by Sonya Renee

3. Stumbled upon this cute bracelet on Kabiri when I was browsing earlier today. I love simple, understated jewellery I can wear everyday and never get sick of, and with this Piece Of My Heart bracelet you can disguise it underneath other bracelets.



Street Style

Chinos, chinos, chinos! Is usually the chants heard along London Road in Sheffield at ridiculous O’clock in the morning. This time however, I am not referring to the students favourite kebab shop.

I’ve decided to take to the streets in pursuit of fashionable male students. It’s a lot harder than it sounds with most boys wandering around in hooded jumpers and tracksuit bottoms.

However more and more men are yielding to the increasingly popular, easy to wear, chino trend. With most of them going for the casual stone washed colour, I am starting to prefer the darker hues such as navy, or khaki, or if you’re feeling brave enough then the red/ rust colour works too.

Whether they’re rolled up, cropped or full-length, they are easy fashion and perfect for summer. Not too hot, not over the top, pair it with a plain T-shirt and plimsolls and you’ve nailed it effortlessly.

So I took to the student-filled streets of Sheffield to find a few guys who were already out and about in the latest fashion.

I’m not too keen on the drop crotch trend and think chinos are much better suited to a pair of plimsolls or casual shoes or even smart shoes rather than tucked into a pair of boots. Low crotch and boots do nothing but make your legs look really short.

If you want to look smart then buy the smarter style chinos, but the casual, slightly more baggy style that’s filling our stores this season, give off a very strong ‘less is more’ message. Even the manikins are keeping it simple.

Isn’t that the perfect thing about summer? Hassle free, minimal outfits. No need to layer up to keep warm, just chuck on the simple stuff and away you go. Sorted.

For affordable chinos check out:


River Island



What are your thoughts on the latest chino trend among boys?

The Bold, Blunt Bobs


Fearne Cotton

Seems like one hairstyle is slowly trending amongst the celebrity scene with more revealing drastic chops into blunt bobs.

Fearne Cotton tweeted a picture of her latest cut, which is not too dissimilar in style to Olivia Palermo’s brown shoulder length cut. It’s not too drastic, falls nicely and suits her perfectly!

Olivia Palermo

The most attention grabbing cut however came from everyone’s favourite Friends character, and hair icon, Jennifer Aniston.

She changed her almost white, long locks for a drastic crop with more subdued honey hues.


Jennifer Aniston

Not Sure if you would suit a bob?

Click here to try on different celeb styles by uploading your picture!


What are your thoughts on this latest hair trend?


Is it cool to smoke again?

With the government fighting to discourage the younger population, and reduce the number of people smoking altogether, the fashion world is doing exactly the opposite.

Throwing celebrities such as Lady Gaga and previous runway model Kate Moss on the catwalk with fag in tow, to pay homage to such a controversial topic has had columnists in tangles over whether it is completely outrageous (see Jan Moir ), or fashionable.

Personally that eye-watering, breath hindering smell of cigarettes is not one I’m going to be substituting my Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume for any time soon.

The fact that when Kate Moss did it, the press went mad, she’s a ‘bad role model’, she should know its ‘bad for your skin’, its like they had just caught her doing a line of coke all over again, yet when Lady Gaga does it, everyone looks away- if it’s not made of meat they’re not interested in her poor attention seeking attempts.


Kate Moss Smoking

Lady Gaga smoking

Even designer Kurt Geiger has started ‘Le Smoking’ trend, with the ‘cigarette heel’ in smokey hues. Now I’m all for this kind of smokin’ hot style, especially when it comes to shoes (that I more than likely can’t walk in) I’m all over it like a rash. Particularly sky scraper (Carvela)  heels which ooze pizzazz:


Le Smoking heels

High Street Buys

With London Fashion Week having just come to an end, a key feature on the catwalks for this season have been sky-high wedges.

Now personally, I’m not a big fan however, when browsing I could help but gush at some of these beauties:

1. These beautiful suede espadrille wedges from Giuseppe Zanotti are my absolute favourites! It jsut really pains me that they are £469

2. Who other than Kurt Geiger could produce some bright orange, suede wedges and still make me love them (despite the fact they would clash horribly with my ginger hair). for £190 you can get them in purple, black and tan too.

3. The metallic violet espadrille wedge, for £239 by House of Harlow 1960 were also an eye catcher because of the gorgeous nude scale-effect leather.

4. These Trish linen wedge peep-toe heels (£255) have to be my second favourites to the Zanotti pair, the minimalistic, grey suede has me pairing them with outfits in my mind. You could shove them (maybe not shove but rather put on with great care) with any outfit to add a little extra class.

Now, it’s probably just me, but I’m not very fond of the espadrille style wedge, which seem to be gracing the shelves of all our highstreet stores at them moment, but I selected a few that if I had to choose the espadrille style wedge, one of these would probably be it:

High street wedges

1. The black shelly espadrille wedge, for £35 can be foudn at

2. I’m afraid these are my least favourite of them all, however, they are the Castaner knot, mid covered espadrille wedges which for £96 (really?!) can be found at

3. These aren’t so bad, leather Netti espadrille wedges from River Island for £64.99

4. Barry bargain, reduced from £95 down to £66.50, these leather peep toe wedges are from French Connection.


For me, summer is all about wearing flip flops and pumps, so I’ve already seen one of each that I fully intend to buy.

These delicious, bright coloured jelly sandals by Carvela, from Kurt Geiger.


These cream crochet ballet pumps from Topshop.


‘Cause that’s what student loans are for… right?

Heart of the City


When I was deciding on where I wanted to go to uni, the two main factors (aside from the course) that I focused on were the following:

  1. It had to be a big city. A city I could get lost in, explore day after day and even after my first year still be finding new places.
  2. It had to have great night life. Every student wants the full “uni experience” and a huge factor of that are great nights out, fancy dress themes, different clubs and bars on different nights

I do think I made the right choice in city when I chose Sheffield. The regeneration of the city centre is strikingly obvious as you notice the postmodern architecture and the number of water features the council have propped up everywhere.

The city holds so much history in the red bricked walls.

Not only is that, but people up north are a lot more welcoming and friendly. Everyone you walk past in the morning says hello, even the kids in tracksuits hold doors open for me.

Over the past few months I have come to appreciate  just how beautiful this city is. And it’s constantly improving.

What I love about it is that despite it being a huge city, there are serene places throughout the centre where you can escape. Take a book and get lost for hours on the grass in front of the fountains, or hide away in the enclosed Winter Gardens.

The disheartening part of it all is that in England, when you start university, you start in the most miserable season on them all.

Especially being up north, rain is part of the package, rarely a day goes by without a little downpour. Grey clouds and drizzly rain has the damaging effect of making some of the most beautiful places seem mundane and dull.

For those who don’t settle easily this can add to the doubt, and feeling of loneliness some feel when leaving home. No one wants to go out and explore their new home in torrential downpour.

Luckily this winter, we were blessed (I say blessed almost everyone else bar 2-5 year olds, say cursed) with inches and inches of powder white snow! Driving through Snakes Pass, Peak District was like driving through the mountains in the gorgeous Alps. Personally, I could live in the Alps all year round, it has to be my favourite place in the world, so naturally I welcomed the snow and the peaceful tranquillity it brought with it. This magical spell had a heart-warming welcoming effect on me, that throughout my first semester I never felt homesick or lonely, and welcomed uni life enthusiastically.

It feels like I got the whole package when I came to uni here.  I feel like I’m in the heart of it all. Everyone knows Sheffield, they can locate it on a map and relate in one way or another.

It’s just what I wanted, the ‘big city life’. I’m a small fish in a big pond, just how I like it, for now.