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London Street Style

It’s been a busy day, had to take a quick (it actually took ages, there was nothing quick about it) trip to our country’s capital.

It was the perfect opportunity to grab some street snaps of (some of) the fashionable people of London. However, as my day was so busy I kept forgetting, so only managed to snap a few girls in the bustle of my busy day.

I also got to go to Dolce and Gabbana’s Dress Me Up London event, but only for about half an hour because I had to get my train so alas I didn’t get to see the end result. I did however get to see the biggest names in the blogging industry start dressing up manikins whilst drinking champagne. Ugh, jealous.

Anyway, on with the show:

Love this top!

Sucks that I didn’t have a DSLR for these pictures, you can’t see the fringe detail on the top. Great outfit though, love the shoes.

Huge fan of these colours at the moment.

Lace shoes!! Really like this outfit, and her hair.

This whole outfit works really well.

Love the jacket with fur detail. Also, really jealous of her hair…

Adore these shorts. Seriously in love with them.


So what’s your opinion on these outfits? Do you think London is Englands fashion capital? Or have I got it all completely wrong?


This Weeks Street Style

Street style: 8/3/2011

In every store, on every catwalk, on anyone who is up to date with fashion, camel, beige and nude colours are everywhere right now. Whether it be fur, corduroy or suede, the colour is hot and very, very in right now.

The great thing about camel coats are that they are timeless. They add a bit of glamour and sophistication to any outfit in a minimalistic manner.

The same goes for trousers. Different hues of camel and beige are being worn by everyone, and were not over looked at London Fashion Week.


Definitely cracking my denim jacket out this summer.